Our philosophy of community building by investing in people goes back a century to the days of our first store on Main Street in Bradenton, Florida. Robert M. Beall believed in helping others and he acted on his convictions. He received many awards for his community service over a span of more than 60 years, dating back to the 1910's. While times and needs have changed, Bealls' commitment to helping others has not.

Today, the focus of Bealls charitable outreach touches four areas, with the greatest emphasis on children- and education-based organizations.


Bealls is active in many children and youth focused organizations, both locally in Florida and nationally. From support of the Police Athletic League and the Palmetto Youth Center (FL) to our annual Salvation Army Adopt-a-Family program during the holiday season, we are committed to bettering the lives of children in our communities.


For over 30 years the R. M. Beall Foundation has provided college scholarships to hundreds of employees and their dependents.


Bealls awards annual scholarships for students in criminal justice education at the State College of Florida and the Manatee Technical Institute's Criminal Justice Academy. We also support several recognition programs for law enforcement personnel.


Bealls supports our veterans through our partnership with South Eastern Guide Dogs. Through the various veteran-related programs offered, Southeastern Guide Dogs assists active duty soldiers and retired servicemen and women with guide dogs, service dogs, facility therapy dogs, emotional support dogs and Gold Star Family dogs that help restore independence, mobility, freedom and dignity.


Bealls cares deeply about the environment in which we work and live.  As such, we are proud to be an active board member of the Florida Recycle Partnership, utilizing our membership to help promote recycling and responsible use of natural resources. 


While Bealls was an early adopter of recycling programs at its stores, headquarters, and distribution centers, we are particularly proud of our “full circle” recycling efforts.  For example, Bealls purchases new cardboard boxes from the same company it sells its recycled cardboard to - completing the recycling circle and minimizing the impact on our environment.


In addition to recycling a variety of materials, Bealls has embraced a new technology and is set to transition our distribution centers from a waste-to-landfill program to a waste-to-energy process.  With this change, a substantial portion of the waste material generated at Bealls facilities will be converted into zero-emission “enviro fuel cubes” and then used to create energy for local businesses, altogether avoiding the landfill. 


These and other measures together demonstrate Bealls ongoing efforts to be a good steward of our environment.


At Bealls Inc., we are committed to ensure that the products we sell to our customers are obtained from vendors and suppliers that meet all federal laws and regulations including but not limited to health, workplace safety, labor compensation, human rights labor and all other social responsibility issues to include slavery, child labor, prison or forced labor and human trafficking. 

Vendors and suppliers are bound to the terms and conditions of our purchase orders and must comply completely with all applicable federal laws and regulations. Bealls Inc. conducts supplier audits by using independent agents to assist, monitor, review and assess product quality control and factory working environments to accomplish human right compliance for all current and prospective vendors and suppliers. We work closely with our independent agents to address any and all compliance issues that arise out of the audit process. 

Bealls Code of Ethics includes the compliance of rules and regulations of all federal provincial and local governments as well as other private and public regulatory agencies. Bealls Inc. will cease purchasing activities with vendors and suppliers that violate those rules and ethical standards and will terminate employees that knowingly conduct business with vendors and suppliers in violation of those laws and ethical standards. Annual training is conducted internally at Beall's Inc. and focuses on such compliance to include issues of social responsibility as outlined in this statement.