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Bealls Inc. CEO/Chairman Matt Beall launches Legacy and Limitless podcasts

Bradenton, Fla. – Bealls, Inc. announces that Matt Beall, chief executive officer and chairman of the board, has launched two podcasts: Matt Beall Limitless and Matt Beall Legacy. Limitless explores a wide variety of topics that are of personal interest to Beall, while Legacy dives into a wide range of professional topics centered around the Beall family business.

“As we move past 650 stores in 23 states, our reach is expanding and it’s important to stay connected. Both innovation and connecting with people have been critical to Bealls’ success for decades. These podcasts are a great way for people across America to be able to connect directly with me and with Bealls,” said Matt Beall, chief executive officer and chairman, Bealls Inc.

“So far Limitless has really taken off organically, people are truly enjoying it. There is no limit to what we discuss on this channel, but some examples are ancient civilizations, UAP, emerging ideas and theories, mysteries, plant medicine, cryptocurrency and ancient megaliths and megalithic sites,” he continued. “Legacy allows people to take a deep dive into multiple facets of a fourth-generation family business, including operations, culture, values, and people that are in and around the business. In additional to interviewing Bealls associates, executives and board members, I’ll talk to various leaders and people of interest from around the country like Guy Harvey and Derrick Brooks.”

Beall added, “At the end of the day, people have a lot of options for where to shop. People want to understand and learn about the companies where they shop and about the individuals who operate those companies. This offers great insight into both.”

Under (Matt) Beall’s leadership, Bealls Inc. has seen extensive expansion in the last 3.5 years, adding over 150 stores across its divisions. Today, the company operates more than 600 retail stores in 23 states under the names bealls, Bealls Florida, Home Centric, Rugged Earth Outfitters, and Reel Legends.

Matt Beall Legacy and Matt Beall Limitless podcasts are available on YouTube, Apple and Spotify.

About Bealls Inc.

Headquartered in Bradenton, Florida since 1915, Bealls Inc. is a privately held company that has been owned and operated by the founding family for over 100 years. The company operates more than 650 retail stores in 23 states under the names bealls, Bealls Florida, Home Centric and Rugged Earth Outfitters and online at and To learn more about Bealls, Inc, please visit